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You may not know much about messy play or have just heard about it. Messy Mates are here to teach you about the benefits of messy play and how it can promote brain development plus teach life skills in a fun, exciting way everyone will love!

There is no right way to carry out messy play. We believe its all about letting our messy pals explore and experiment with different objects and materials without any end goals to restrict them. Toys are fun but they can be restrictive as they are very specific and have an intended use or function. Sensory and messy play with open ended materials such as play dough, slime, gloop or rice help kids increase their attention span, build self-confidence, give them opportunities to problem solve, learn to play independently and also enrich relationships through social interaction.

Children's imaginations can run wild with us as they spend time learning to understand their senses by exploring how things feel, smell and even taste!

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We all know kids LOVE to get messy, we also know parents LOVE a clean home. Here at Messy Mates we supply the mess AND the clean up too! You get to have all the messy fun with your child and leave all the mess behind for us. WIN - WIN (just make sure you take your little messy mate home with you)

Alright, let's get messy!

Fosters curiosity, imagination and exploration

Encourages communication and language development

Practices good concentration and nurtures future skills

Promotes physical development

Supports the ability to play independently

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